Agatha's Pumpkin

by Elaine Gallacher

There is a little story behind this sampler: 'My mother is a fantastic storyteller. Whilst growing up she often told tales of a witch callled Agatha. Agatha lived in a forest in a little hut not far from our house and she had many woodland friends. Her spider friends spun magical webs which caught dew sprinkled by the fairies and she would show us these in our garden and in the woods after it had rained. My mother explained Agatha used the fairy dew as the main ingredient in her potions which she created in her magic pumpkin, and the stories of all Agatha's antics would always make us giggle. My mother now has 4 grandchildren and the stories have been retold many, many times making Halloween a little bit extra special as we all hope to catch a glimpse of Agatha flying by on her broomstick.'

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