The Variations Sampler

by Elaine Gallacher

This sampler is stitched using only full cross stitches and can be stitched using any count of fabric and floss of your choice.

I wanted to create a sampler which gives you the option to personalize the design if you wish to. There are so many possible variations in terms of floss and fabric choices already when stitching a Galliana Sampler however if you'd like to get a little bit creative then this is the perfect chart!

The chart is made up of 16 smaller individual squares each being 47 x 47 stitches, 2 rectangular sections and the large centre square. As the smaller squares are all the same size, you can essentially choose which ones to stitch and swap them all about. You might decide you want to stitch just your favorites of the small squares and repeat them throughout or you might decide to duplicate one of the rectangular designs to make them symmetrical on either side of the centre square.

There are so many possible variations however you might decide you like it the way it is!

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