Midnight Clear

by Jan Hicks

When Maria Kutzner first suggested the idea of doing a collaboration together, my mind instantly thought of this Christmas carol. I always associated these words with a peaceful night. And while the original shepherds sung about in this song probably didn`t experience a snowy night, that is the image that came to me. A snowy night, a little cabin with candlelight glowing in the windows and sweet animals of the forest. Maria and I also knew we wanted this to have Quaker motifs, and after trying several different things, this is how it came together and I am very happy with it. Maria did a beautiful job stitching the model for this design. She stitched it on 32 ct linen in Blue Spruce by Zweigart using a mixture of over-dyed cottons and DMC which is the called for floss. Use CC Sassy Brass for DMC 783, use CC Balsam Fir for DMC 934, use CC Chopped Chives for DMC 3053, use WDW Havana for DMC 829 and WDW Merlot for DMC 815.

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