A Fraktur Love Sampler

by Jacob de Graaf

From the late 17th century onwards a group of German-speaking immigrants settled in Pennsylvania in the North of the US. They would become known as the Pennsylvania Dutch - referring not to my own countrymen but to the Deutsch (Germans). Though they left nearly everything behind to settle in a new land, they brought their culture and art with them and enriched our lives with it.
People have always been on the move. I myself moved to the UK 11 years ago. And each time we do (whether by force or choice) we leave behind our roots and culture in our homeland. We have always tried to bring some of it with us. We don’t have to take long to come up with a list of things that have enriched our lives because of immigrants: just think of that beautiful food from all over the world, St. Patrick’s Day & Day of the Dead celebrations in the US. Even good old Santa Clause was brought over by Dutch immigrants!
This sampler is inspired by the Fraktur art that the Pennsylvania Dutch brought with them to the US, and developed into a unique American art style. It is my celebration of the gifts those who are new to a country bring, and a celebration of love.
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