Let The Hound The Hare Go Chase

by Jacob de Graaf

Back in 2013 I designed a pattern called The Hound & The Hare for a dear friend of mine, the singer, songwriter and passionate dog-owner Caroline Lavelle. She’d asked me if I had anything with Celtic border designs, so I came up with this pattern. As several years have passed, I thought it was time to update the original design, and redraw the chart.
The line Let the hound the hare go chase is from a poem called Aglaia: A Pastoral, by the 17th century poet Nicholas Breton. I personalised the sampler with Caroline’s initials (CL) and the year 2020 in roman numerals. For the updated sampler I have changed the lettering slightly, and have added a few letters to make a full set of letters and numbers. I would encourage you to customise the sampler with your own initials, name, or year of completion!
The British isles and the Celts have had a long history with greyhounds, which continues to this day. I would like this opportunity to ask you to have a look at the wonderful Forever Hounds Trust (foreverhoundstrust.org), and the fantastic work they do taking care of and rehoming greyhounds and lurchers. I’m donating 25% of the profits of this design to the Forever Hounds Trust.

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